My name is Jenny Pyykonen and I am the creator of Ava Blake.


Some time ago I started collecting vintage pieces of furniture, decor, and any old world curiosities that I could find. At the time me and my husband were building and selling custom homes and I was starting to become so apathetic to the stereotypical modern look of every new build. I could not get enough of the charm that an antique item could bring into the home, whether it was a conversational piece or it just provided atmospheric effect; the aesthetic was undeniable.


I have always been one to draw, doodle, and paint in my times of creative release and it did not take long before these shabby finds became my new canvas. Old world stamps, typography, retro images, love letters, lyrics, are just some of the dream like imagery I would hand paint on to my pieces. I blogged about alot of my trials and errors on my blog that I had named Ava Blake Creations. My audience started to grow faster than I could keep up and all of a sudden magazines were calling me for interviews, huge bloggers wanted to feature my pieces and I was receiving emails from around the world.


Ava Blake became my brainchild and creative outlet where I could put what was in my mind or what I was feeling onto an item in the outside world and have it be beautiful, glamorous and neatly fit into my cute little universe that I am creating. Its a private little world full of whimsical self expression, sometimes super extra and outrageous but always with a tone of soft femininity and elegance. At heart I am a rebellious rocker and fighter, these ferocious qualities have no doubt helped me through the tragedies that I have faced in my life and my hope with Ava Blake is that your inner fighter will feel soothed and at home in my universe.



The Ava Blake logo was created by my oldest son and is a symbol of the ferocious journeys this wild wild world has to offer. The flowing rivers of adventure, the hidden diamonds along the way and the sharp snake fangs on the circle of life. If you look closely you can see many faces. Some welcoming and some weary, all set on the "Va Va Ava" repeating heart pattern.



Super love xoxo,







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